Monday, April 2, 2012

Electronic Cigars - A New Emerging Lifestyle?

Everyone knows how cigars have become a part of society. Particularly everyone has know, seen or have been smoking cigars. And despite smokers knowing the dangers and hazards brought up by cigar smoking, many can't simply stay away from the habit. Many say it's the nicotine content that makes it so hard to simply stop/avoid it once you've started smoking. A reason why many people despite all their efforts, although they stop smoking for sometime, still easily get back to the habit. And for that, many smoking cessation aides has been created, but none has been considerably that effective.

Upto now, cigars have been one of the top reasons of disability and loss of a loved one. One of the reasons why they looked for a healthier alternative towards cigar smoking. And then came electronic cigars. It was not originally created to replace or to be an aid to stop cigar smoking. Still, with a lot of smokers switching from the traditional smoking to the so-called vaping experience, it has made a lot of buzz in the community. With people getting intrigued with the new trend, it was only a short amount of time that ecigarettes became a hit. Who wouldn't? With almost the same experience but without the tar, cigar butts, bad odor and rotting teeth, who wouldn't want it? I know I did want it... And ever since I got used to it, I have never craved for the old cigar again.

And what's your story? Are you like me perhaps?

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