Wednesday, October 17, 2012

E-cigarette Battery Will not Charge - What To Do?

Have you ever experienced that batteries will not charge? If you ever wondered what to do… Well, here I’m about to discuss some things you ought to know and what you should do in case this happens to you.

Here Goes:

You should know that like any type of battery, it will not hold a charge for quite long as batteries have a life span. Unless it is brand new, you can’t expect them to last forever. In fact, some ecig battery manufacturer states that the batteries are good for at least 300 charge and discharge cycles. We can expect more charge cycles though. 

There are also two types of ecigarette batteries: The Manual and Automatic

The Manual batteries contains a push button which when pressed activates the release of e-juice to be vaporized. This allows for a better control on the amount of vapor you want to vape. These type of batteries are also quite easy to become familiar with.

Automatic Batteries are those you simply vape at will. It is called automatic because it activates at the moment you start vaping. An issue that you have to deal with this battery is that sometimes it activates on its own. See below for more info.

The Battery Charges But I Get No Vapor – What’s Going On?

Try to go through again the atomizer/cartomizer check list. But usually, these situation happens when there’s a loose or no contact between the battery and the carto/atty. 

Battery Lights but Then Flashes While Vaping

This usually happens to automatic type batteries. There is a typical 5 second cut-off for these batteries. If you need a longer drag, we advise that you get a manual type battery.

Battery Flashing and No Vapor Occurs

This happens usually because the ecig battery is low and needs to be charged.

Battery Lights Up on Its Own

Oftentimes this occurs on an automatic battery. It could be that the battery connector is not in its proper position. A solution for this is to take the ash end and literally give it a good hard couple of taps on a hard surface. Another is to put your mouth into the battery connector and blow as hard as you can (just be careful not to include saliva in the battery though).

Battery Does Not Light Up or I Don’t Get a Vapor When Puffing

Most probably it could be that your e-cigarette battery is broken or has been drained to its lifespan. Easiest option is that you should get a replacement battery.  

Batteries Getting Very Hot When Vaping or Charging

This is a sign that the battery has a serious problem.  Do not just throw them anywhere (specially not in the trash can)! Call the ecig supplier or local recycle shop or consult other experts if you’re unsure.

When you tried everything and nothing works, go ahead and get an ecig battery replacement. Also remember to also store your ecig batteries in a safe place (avoid dusty places and keep out of reach of children). Do not poke paperclips or other items in the battery unless you know what you’re doing. And make sure you dispose those e-cig batteries properly (not throwing them just in the trash can as it poses a fire threat!). For more questions, clarifications and other remarks you want to add, feel free to post a comment.

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  1. Hi, day before yesterday I had purchased e -cig, but now its would not be charge ..when I connect charger so charger light is on but cigret light is off. And after disconnect the charging cigret light is blinking... Its means battery low..
    I realise one mistake done by me that is not follow user manul. That shows the first charge must be 5 hrs but I had not follow the same I done only 1 hrs instead of 5 hrs..

    Plz help, wht should I do..