Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Bought New Atomizers and It Tastes Awfully Bad - What to Do

Have you ever experienced that awful taste when you first bought a replacement or extra  atomizer? I mean that foul taste in the first few puffs of the new atomizer which eventually goes away after a few puffs. Ever wonder what's the case when that happens? I experienced it too and I did also wonder at first, so I did my research. Here I am to share what I've learned from it.

This is common to those atomizers that include primers. I know what you're thinking, somewhere you might think that it's because of the e-juice or e-liquid you bought. This most often is not the case.

So Is It the Primer That Causes The Awful Taste? 

The answer would be has no taste and is zero-nicotine though sometimes it is tobacco flavored.

 Why are Primers Included Then? It can be one or more of the reasons:
  • To ensure that the first few puffs on the new atomizer are not dry which could lead to damage
  • To help keep the internal metal parts from rusting
  • Sometimes it is utilized in the testing machines of the manufacturer's factory

So Why Does It Taste So Awful?
As you should know, atomizers go through a testing process. What you are tasting are the residues of manufacturing and machining... Surprised? I know I did at first, I mean who would want to vape on these residues? We're talking about machine oil, coatings, traces of adhesives and sealants, and coatings on the silica fibers of the wick or wicks.

So How Do I fix It?

  • One way is through using the e-cigarette which burns the residue off.(If you can stand it)
  • Another is through soaking and/or rinsing your atomizer (this method may end up reducing the life of your atomizer) using solvents
Anyways, that's pretty much briefly the basics of it... If you want to know more, below is a more detailed explanation on how it's done.

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