Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Disposable E Cigarettes Vs E Cig Starter Kits

What are Disposable Electronic Cigarettes? 

Disposable E Cigarettes are those electronic cigarettes designed to last only for a certain number of puffs. These are often are sold in solo blister packs and just takes a few seconds to open and puff right out of the pack. It's fairly easy to use without much to worry about (just dispose of it properly in the recyclables).

It is often available in:
  • 200 Puffs
  • 300 Puffs
  • 500 Puffs
This is a pretty decent amount of puffs considering that an average stick of cigarette last only 12 puffs. (I'll let you do the math)

  • Comes Cheaper than starter kits(a.k.a. rechargeable ecigs)
  • Good for trying out different brands as it is cheap
  • Puff Immediately out of the pack
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Dispose when puffs or battery runs out
  • Limited flavors(packs often contain just one flavor)
  • Fixed nicotine strength
  • Not recommended to be refilled after flavor runs out

 What about Ecigarette Starter Kits?

Electronic Cigarette or Ecigarette starter kits always come with a charger, battery, cartomizer/atomizer+cartridge, and flavor/s of your choice, (and most brands includes a deluxe carrying case). These rechargeable electronic cigarettes also comes in various cool designs and functions. It also proves to be much cheaper in the long run as the only thing you need to buy is the e-juice(refill).

  • Wider range of flavors to choose from
  • Oftentimes, ecigarettes come with instructions
  • Advance users have the option to mix e-juice (flavors and nic strength)
  • Can prove to be cheaper in the long run
  • Can be complicated to understand some instructions(language can be an issue)
  • Maintenance can be complicated for newbie vapers (cleaning and refilling)
  • Charging sometimes is a hassle especially when you're in a rush.
  • Other issues issues/factors that could affect vaping (battery charging, flavor tastes, etc.)

Hence, whatever you do or decide, the final say is yours. Also, feel free to leave suggestions, remarks, criticism and other comments if you feel it.. :)

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