Friday, July 13, 2012

Premium Electronic Cigarette News

I'm sure you've heard about premium e-cigarettes. Well, checking out recent news, it seems they have created their own brand of disposable e cigars. See the story below.

Premium Electronic Cigarette Presents Disposable E Cigars

Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- A person for whom a cigarette doesn’t do the magic, cigar is a savior for that person. Replacing traditional cigarette with an electric cigarette is the best option a person has in hands. A number of people have switched to e cigarettes. To cater to people with the liking for cigars, Premium Electronic Cigarette has introduced disposable e cigars. Disposable e cigars are a breather to people who want to try e cigars without spending much.

Premium Electronic Cigarette came out with disposable e cigars to offer all cigar aficionados with an option to be in a smoke free environment and venture in to the world of e smoking. E cigarettes have been here for long says e cigarette reviews but entering into the world of e cigars is a stepping stone for brands. The Vape Master E cigar is new and one of the best tasting electronic cigars in the market as per The disposable e cigar mimics the traditional cigar but like an e cig contains no smoke, no tar and other harmful elements. 

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